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A Funny Old Game

Well, it’s been a while and I would like to be able to say that it’s because my life has become correspondingly more exciting and busy. I like to, but it wouldn’t be true. My daughter’s life, on the other … Continue reading

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I’ve been tagged by GSE over at Really Quite Useful. I have to say which character from a book I resemble most closely.  I’ve given this some thought and decided that I am an eclectic mix of the following: 1) … Continue reading

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This Is Not Just A Neologism, This Is A Marks & Spencer Neologism…

What do we think about the word “vanillary”? Is its use: Proof that the world as we know it is hurtling ever faster towards oblivion? An admission of the fact that, asked to descibe something which is vanilla-flavoured, many people … Continue reading

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Reading Recommendations Please

For a 13 year-old girl who likes computers, science and gadgets generally, thrillers/whodunnits/crime, fantasy and science-fiction. Thank you.

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Dealing with stress

Listening to the Today programme yesterday, I heard something in the news bulletin which reminded me of this post of Tim’s.  The story in question was the ‘Mandelson doused in green custard’ affair, but I reckon the press have missed the real … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

  Happy New Year from Edinburgh!  

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Dish Of The Day

Are you still wondering, at this late hour, what to serve for Christmas dinner?  For the carnivores among you I’d suggest a bird of some sort, but which one?  Turkey can be a bit bland,  goose has more flavour but … Continue reading

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