Aberdeen Man Lost At Sea

Up til now I’ve resisted  the temptation to comment on David Tennant’s back injury and his replacement as Hamlet by understudy Edward Bennett, for fear of looking like a Tennant-obsessive.

However, this headline made me laugh so much that I had to share it.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark?  Ah, that’ll be the silage…

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8 Responses to Aberdeen Man Lost At Sea

  1. annie says:

    Aw, bless. I heard him on the radio, sounding very nervous – he does have a very fruity posh voice, as befits a former Young Farmer.

  2. sylvia says:

    you couldn’t make it up….

  3. Tim Footman says:

    I visited Ledbury once. A very nice lady explained to me how her sponge cakes were always disqualified from the village fete competition, because they were too yellow, and the judges thought she was adding food colouring, but it was because she used free range eggs from her own corn-fed chickens and that’s what sponge cakes used to look like and they know nothing, these so-called judges…

    For an hour.

    I am desperate to hear what her opinions might be with regard to the Hamlet situation.

  4. Lisa Later says:

    heard DT himself on BH this morning – mmmmmmmm (and i don’t even watch dr who)

  5. BiB says:

    Alert Mr. Tennant that, as a birthday present to yourself, you are heroically willing to massage his gammy back for him.

    Happy Birthday! (Sorry if it’s early. It’s the right date in Deutschland)

  6. Lisa Later says:

    happy birthday! (bib was 51 minutes early GMT)


  7. BiB says:

    Lisa, but I’m worried Marsha isn’t an internet addict and might not get our thrilling greetings today AT ALL. Imagine the horror! Hopefully she’s being hand-fed truffles, grapes and chocolate as we speak to make up for our might-be-being-perceived oversight.

  8. Marsha Klein says:

    Annie: I’m glad that the press and public have been kind to him – taking over this particular Hamlet must be a bit of a mixed blessing.

    Sylvia: No, indeed. I think this production has had so much publicity that people are desperate to claim association with it – even if it’s fairly, erm, tenuous!

    Tim: I feel sure that she must have views. Whether you would have the time to listen to them all sounds like it might be another matter entirely.

    Lisa: I particularly liked the Jonathon Miller put-down: ‘Aren’t you famous for appearing in a sketch show?’ Beautifully done.

    BiB: I like the way your mind works! Thank you for your birthday good wishes, m’dear. Truffles and chocolate have not been much in evidence but I have just returned from a very nice meal with some good friends.

    Lisa: Thank you, too!

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