Separated By A Common Language.

You all know how much fun can be had from laughing at old people complaining about how certain words meant something different ‘in their day’? ‘When I was young, gay meant happy’ that kind of thing?

Now imagine you’re at a 13th birthday party.  The birthday girl (she might be your daughter) has just finished opening all her presents.  Keen to see what she’s received, you say:

‘Come on then, show me your booty.’

Cue gales of teenage laughter and a mock-shocked ‘Mother! Please!

Well, when was young…

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4 Responses to Separated By A Common Language.

  1. BiB says:

    Darling, you’ve been away for an age. No doubt because you’ve been busy preparing for your daughter’s birthday party all this time. I was shocked – shocked, I tell you – when my 8-year-old niece recently told me how she and her friends celebrated their birthdays. I had to put on a Yorkshire accent and everything to convey my disapproval.

  2. Hah! Definitely a laugh I needed this morning 😉

    Though I admit I’d enjoy taking my mother to England and not warning her about the difference in meaning of the word “fanny”…

  3. realdoc says:

    Do you get ILY in your house. The rough translation is not I love you but ‘Give me 20 quid you sad old woman.’

  4. marshaklein says:

    BiB, I know exactly what you mean! ‘Pizza and ice-cream?! In my day we ‘ad to mek do wi’ hot gravel!’
    ‘HOT gravel? Luxury! When I were a lad, we did a 14 hour day down t’pit and if we were lucky we ‘ad a couple of lumps of coal for us supper!’
    Oh, they don’t know they’re born!

    Valerie, I’m glad it made you laugh. Language is a strange thing sometimes!

    realdoc, in our house ‘I love you’ can, depending on inflection, mean anything from ‘any chance of a lift?’ to ‘what do you mean “more than I earn in a month”?!’

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