Hands up anyone who’s ever gone on holiday to mainland Europe and, while there, sniggered at an example of pidgin English on, say, a restaurant menu?  OK, so that’s most of us, right?

Well, it would seem that in keeping with a desire to embrace all aspects of continental café culture, the Brits are racing ahead in the “incomprehensible English on a menu” stakes*.  I recently came across this example on a menu in a Premier Inn in York:

Beefburger – 10oz served in a floured bun, topped with salad leaves, tomato and red onion, served with sauteéd button mushrooms, grilled tomato and skin on frits. (Their punctuation and spelling, my italics).

What can they mean?


* Having just read this post over here, I feel a bit of a loser for posting this, but I hadn’t posted anything for a while and, frankly, I had nothing else!

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6 Responses to Bleurgh!!!

  1. Tim says:

    We were once treated to the culinery delights of barrister prawns and flogging cream on the same menu!

  2. well, it may have been better than the dodgy garlic mushrooms my friend had in fellini’s in york two weeks ago – they returned in their full creamy splendour at around 1am

    and we only went there because our regular haunt was closed for a refurb

    p.s. were you staying in the premier inn opposite the bar convent B&B by any chance? and tell me you weren’t there on the night of 27 sept??!!

  3. marshaklein says:

    Tim: Hello and welcome. I’m guessing your menu meant avocado with prawns and whipping cream?

    LH: Indeed it was that Premier Inn and I was there on the night of 2 October. On 27 September, I was in a Jury’s Inn in Newcastle (nearer your old stomping ground) as part of the Open Day Odyssey that Daisy and I have been undertaking recently. Due to visit York again soon (for pleasure this time). Will avoid Fellini’s. What is your usual haunt in York?

  4. melton’s too

    tapas and relaxing atmos, not too pricey and you don’t book, just turn up

    but call ahead to make sure refurb is finished!!

    you sure do get around…!

    as for B&Bs in york, i always go to the bar convent – it’s kinda quirky and basic (no TV!) but i like it and it’s v handy for the station

  5. realdoc says:

    I had a meal the other day which was advertised on the menu as having an accompaniment of skinny fries which turned out to be crisps, not sure if they were skin on or not I didn’t eat them.
    When are you going to see Hamlet btw, love to hear your reaction.

  6. marshaklein says:

    realdoc: Going to see Hamlet on 12th of November. Reaction to follow.

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