Meanwhile Back At Crime Wave Central…

I would just like to make it clear to the Fates or whoever it is that governs the turn of events that, when I wished for inspiration for a blog post, I did not mean another break-in!

Honestly, can there be anything more embarrassing than having the same police forensic team come to dust your house for fingerprints twice in the space of six months?  Same window (although this time smashed to smithereens)  Still, this time we have a witness and there were blood stains on the window frame, so potential for a DNA match. and all they got was our crappy old laptop (which leaves us with only this even crappier old desktop).

That’s five police call-outs we’ve had this year.  Perhaps we should add the local station to our “Friends and family” list?


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11 Responses to Meanwhile Back At Crime Wave Central…

  1. annie says:

    Poor baby! How horrible. maybe you should electrify that window – that’ll teach the little buggers.

  2. Oh no! I think you need to move. I know a very nice building site, currently without any sanitary facilities…

    And what Annie said. Or how about a dog?

  3. Oh UGH. As the victim of many breakins myself, I can sympathize.

    You’ve got to be feeling “argh I want a new house” a bit too

  4. marshaklein says:

    Annie: When I was clearing up the last of the broken glass today, I did, briefly, consider embedding it round the window frames. I, mean, it’s not as if I ever clean them…

    GSE: Believe me, I’d trade homes with you in a minute, sanitary facilities or no sanitary facilities! Brian’s allergic to dogs, but I am considering an infra-red pooch.

    Valerie: Yes, a new house would be nice (see above), although the kids were horrified at the suggestion – they’re obviously tougher than their mother!

  5. sylvia says:

    I don’t know what to say. How awful for you. How about an alarm? even if you painted a couple of biscuit tins and stuck them in appropriate places they could help. Or do I have a childish faith in these things? Look after yourselves

  6. Marsha Klein says:

    Sylvia: Believe me, we’re thinking about it along with various other things. Nothing quite measures up to my preferred solution of an alligator-filled moat, though!

  7. Lisa Later says:

    aw, shit, M

    not again…

    little feckers – grrrr

    all of which serves to remind me that i need to get the locksmith out to reinforce fort chickadee

  8. Mr D says:

    Eek. Let us know if there’s a DNA match.

  9. marshaklein says:

    Lisa: Yup. Still, looking on the bright side, the insurance company said the carpet would have to be replaced because it’s full of glass, which might just encourage us to do up the whole room, so next time at least the police will have somewhere nice to sit while they take our statements!

    Mr D: I shall, although, judging by the witness statement, they might have been first offenders. Still, they might try something similar… (not hoping that they do, you understand. I just want the little sods caught!)

  10. BiB says:

    My belated commiserations too. Little shits. Or big shits, if they were big.

  11. since posting, there has been a trip to homebase and some ugly locks have been purchased and fitted and i can already predict with some certainty that the tiny buggery little keys to the various locks will get lost and we will be stuck INSIDE fort knox, knocking on the glass panes asking the repeat offenders to let us out


    (shit, just saw our mouse again – wish we could lock HER out…erm, THEM, realistically)

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