Role Reversal

Every few months there’s an article in the press or an item on the news warning already worried parents about the all the weirdos out there, in cyberspace, just waiting to groom their children online before luring them to some dubious location where unspeakable things will undoubtedly happen to them*.

What I want to know is, where are the corresponding articles advising middle-aged “children” on the best course of action to take when their parents start arranging meetings with people they’ve met online?!

Tomorrow, I’m accompanying my dad to Rosslyn Chapel (not an especially dodgy location!) to meet a couple of German ladies he’s been chatting to online.

I’m really quite proud of him.


*I’m not trying to make light of the awful things that do occasionally happen, it’s just that the press coverage of this particular subject really annoys me.

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12 Responses to Role Reversal

  1. BiB says:

    Blummin’ Nora. Good for him. And Proustian moments galore for you too.

  2. Oh, that’s just marvellous!

  3. And btw I’ve met half my friends (even the in-person ones), many past lovers, and got to know my husband online. So harrumph to all those fearmongers.

  4. Lisa Later says:

    sh1t! i’ve just realised: you now know where i live…


  5. Sylvia says:

    Do let us know what happened! I expect it’ll be just old people, in cagoules, having tea and cake somewhere, but it’s all very exciting.

  6. marshaklein says:

    BiB: Indeed, indeed. Memories of my wedding day, although Rosslyn does seem like a very different place these post-DaVinci code days.

    Valerie: Isn’t it, though? I hope I still want to blog and have blog-meets when I’m 72!

    Lisa: Yes I do! Mwhahaha.

    Sylvia: Well, the first surprise was that, far from being elderly ladies, my dad’s friends turned out to be in their early 30s! As they’d already eaten, he couldn’t buy them lunch so he had to be content with paying their admission to the Chapel and buying them a souvenir DVD. They had brought him a book of Swabian recipes. Then we did the tea and scones bit. I really think they enjoyed meeting each other.

  7. Mr D says:

    Swabian recipes? Eek – that’s basically German pasta. And there’s a reason why Italian pasta is world famous, whereas German pasta isn’t! (I’m currently living in Swabia.)

  8. marshaklein says:

    Mr D: So I should give them a miss?

  9. Mr D says:

    Depends. Some people love Swabian food. So who knows?

    If you can stomach haggis, and I’m sure you must eat that every morning for breakfast 😉 , then German ravioli (Maultaschen – literally ‘gob-bags’) and that cheesy worm-like pasta dish (Käsespätzle) might be for you!

  10. BiB says:

    Ooh, I rather like the gob-bags, but I agree with Mr D that the cheesy worm-like pasta dish is best given a swerve. Have heard many a Swabian/other German rave about it though.

  11. Marsha Klein says:


    *crosses Swabian off “cuisines to try before I die” list*

  12. Mr D says:

    I’ve now had cheesy worms 3 or 4 times, normally out of necessity. Each time I expect it to be wonderful, as people rave on about it, and I convince myself I must have been wrong before. But no, as I’m quickly reminded. It really is pure slimy vileness.

    Never had the gob-bags, as they almost always contain meat.

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