Radio Rebus

The new Radio Times (16-22 August) has Ian Rankin as the subject of its “What I’m Watching” column:

“Since The West Wing and Green Wing ended I’ve not really got into a series in the same way…I spend almost as much time listening to radio.  I wake up to Radio 4, but the radio in the bathroom is tuned to BBC Radio Scotland [he lives in Edinburgh]

Ah, that explains it…

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5 Responses to Radio Rebus

  1. Lisa Later says:


    bbc radio scotland: only good as accompaniment to your daily constitutional

  2. sylvia says:

    oh my goodess – I have something in common with Ian Rankin! I haven’t watched anything much since the ending of GW….. except for Gavin and Stacey, perhaps, but I haven’t quite bored everyone to death about that, or gone to a convention……

  3. jmes h says:

    Clearly he’ll watch any old rubbish with the word ‘Wing’ in it.

    Hurrah for I. Rankin!

  4. Mr D says:

    Last week I saw a documentary he made about how to kill off his Rebus character, and how the character is all about Edinburgh. I thought he seemed unhappy, Rankin. Perhaps he needs to watch some comedies and find something funny to listen to on the radio?

  5. marshaklein says:

    Lisa: It was the fact that RT felt the need to explain that Ian Rankin lives in Edinburgh that got me.

    Sylvia; It’s true. Nothing’s had quite the effect “Green Wing” did.

    James: Clearly he’s a discerning viewer with excellent taste!

    Mr D: I think he’s probably just a Scot!

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