Costa Verde.


In need of peace and quiet?  Want to be surrounded by woods and mountains, but not too far from lovely beaches?  Fond of cheese and beans? Spanish-speaking/in possession of a good Spanish phrasebook/travelling with a Spanish-speaking child?  Then, my friends, go here and, if I may make another suggestion, you could always stay here.

We had a lovely time.  Too short really, but such is the nature of life with teenage children – short family holidays=good, long family holidays=absence of friends, gossip, OMG-ing and LOL-ing.  Anyway, Brian and I can’t afford to be churlish, Daisy having interpreted for us the entire time we were there as we have, shamefully, about six words of Spanish between us.  I’d definitely recommend Asturias though.  It has a tourist industry, but one that seems to be aimed at the Spanish rather than at the Brits.  We were not the only British tourists in Espinaredo, there was one other couple staying there.  However, Edinburgh reserve fobade me from exchanging more than a single “good morning” with them until such time as we’d been neighbours for about 50 years.

We visited Covadonga (churches and Visigoths), Cangas de Onís (lovely market, Roman bridge and our first meal out) and Oviedo (cathedral, Asturian bagpipes and shopping), walked in the surrounding countryside (where we spent a lot of time choosing the perfect spot for a, strictly hypothetical, skinny-dipping picnic).  Tuesday was the festival of Our Lady of the Snows, which meant music, dancing and drinking til the early hours (although we stopped long before the locals).  We spent a day at the beach, near Llastres and had a lovely dinner here on our last night.

Photos to follow.

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6 Responses to Costa Verde.

  1. BiB says:

    It sounds wonderful, and hurrah for useful, multilingual children! And is that bacon thrown into a saucepan of baked beans? God, I’d kill for some of that now.

  2. marshaklein says:

    It’s Fabada Asturiana – large white beans cooked with chorizo, black pudding and ham/bacon. Some recipes add saffron and paprika too. I think it’s easy to make – all that seems to be involved is soaking the beans ovenight, then bunging in the sausages and bacon and simmering the whole lot for 2-3 hours.

  3. sylvia says:

    It looks good! Sounds like a wonderful place. Have just returned from 3 weeks on the planet naboo. Not as bad as expected, because I realise these things are a matter of perception. Having all my meals placed in front of me, my children’s hair combed, their vomit mopped up, all for a bit of washing up and ironing, was absolutely wonderful. Mind you, I’ll never eat another pizza again …..

  4. Sounds pleasant and, dare I say, relaxing, difficult to get with teenagers about!

    We’ve been toting the MiL around the western U.S. We saw a lot of good stuff. I can’t say it was precisely relaxing, but it was a beautiful trip nonetheless. And I was not at work!

  5. Mr D says:

    Sounds lovely, the holiday. I’ve never been to Spain, but I plan to go one day, and that area would certainly be of interest.

  6. marshaklein says:

    Sylvia/Valerie/Mr D: It WAS lovely (and yes, Valerie it was relaxing!)

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