…and then I go and spoil it all

Did anyone else hear this earlier this evening?  Robbie Williams investigating the paranormal, a subject which has apparently long fascinated him?  I ask because, during the programme, Robbie and co-presenter Jon Ronson meet Ann Andrews, a woman who believes (or claims to believe) that her son, Jason, is an “indigo child” sent to heal Planet Earth.  She also claims that he is regularly abducted by aliens and that she has photos of these incidents but that the quality of the photos is poor because “she only has a disposable camera”.  Robbie’s friend (can’t remember his name) asks her why she doesn’t get a better camera.  She replies that she is hopeless with “anything technological”.

What I really want to know though is this: was I the only cruel bitch who, towards the end of the programme, laughed out loud at the following exchange?:

Ann Andrews: You look like Robbie Williams.

RW: I AM Robbie Williams.

AA: I thought you were but I didn’t want to say anything in case I looked stupid…

Like I said, cruel but I couldn’t help it.  Poor woman.

P.S Doesn’t Jon Ronson have an irritating voice?  Or is that just me as well?

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10 Responses to …and then I go and spoil it all

  1. BiB says:

    Ooh, I was hoping someone would blog about that programme. I was wondering if RW was going to have completely flipped his lid, but he appears not to have. But he’s obviously the type that wants answers, where often there is none.

    I often wish Jon Ronson would blow his nose, but it can’t just be that he has a constant cold. I like his work but am a bit wary of that style of communication only just shy of taking the piss. Reminds me of Louis Theroux a bit, whom I like too, but it sometimes seems massively disingenuous.

  2. Sylvia says:

    well at least RW has found himself a hobby.
    I heard some of it and felt quite sorry for him as he just seems to be a magnet for all the charlatans going.

  3. Mr D says:

    I read about this programme a couple of weeks ago. I quite like Jon Ronson’s style, although he can be excruciating – does he or does he not patronise the people he’s with? Do you think Robbie Williams came out of it OK?

    I vaguely remember having noticed something about Ronson’s voice, but I think it’s just his Welshness.

  4. Marsha Klein says:

    BiB: I would have made more of an effort if only I’d realised! I felt Robbie might have been a tad traumatised by his mother tarot reading all the time when he was a child – I’d imagine that could disturb the most stable of children. I know what you mean about Jon Ronson being disingenuous. I hate what seems to be a growing fashion for that type of thing, all in the name of entertainment.

    Sylvia: I think, on this occasion anyway, he was actively seeking them out rather than being taken for a ride.

    Mr D: He came out of it surprisingly well, I thought. I’m less sure about how the poor woman he was talking to came over. Yes, I know she was there of her own free will (and promoting her book) but, even although I laughed at what she said, I do think broadcasters have a duty of care towards the people they interview, which isn’t always exercised.

  5. IsarSteve says:

    I think both Ronson & WIlliams sounded xxxxtrrrrreeeeemlyy “Gay”.

    Typically for Mr W. He mentioned the “G” word in the programme, as is normal in an interview with him.

    Try as he might, decorating himself with girlfriends (did you hear her?), he’ll never convince me that he hasn’t “sucked blood” (is that too German? “Blut geleckt”) ..OK then … had a tipple!!

    Look, I don’t want the whole world to be gay.. I just can’t abide those that are, trying to make out that they aren’t.. come on Robbie!

  6. IsarSteve says:

    Oi! where did that smiley come from? it should have been a )….

  7. Sylvia says:

    I must listen to the whole thing! The bit I heard made me think that RW did have a grip on reality, and this was a subject he wanted to find out more about. More than the UFOs, the whole UFO industry is fascinating in itself from a psychological point of view.

  8. Tim Footman says:

    I liked the show, and thought RW came out of it quite well. I was especially taken with the fact that he has a friend called Brandon who tags along to these alien-abduction seminars, sneering and debunking. A bit like the bloke who used to stick next to Roman emperors, whispering “Remember – you’re only human…”

  9. Marsha Klein says:

    IsarSteve: A case of protesting too much, do you think? I sometimes think I was born without a perception gene. However, I have compensated for this by marrying someone who is even less perceptive – I look positively intuitive compared to my best beloved!

    Sylvia: Do listen again, if you haven’t already. It made good listening.

    Tim: Brandon! Thank you. I imagined him as a sort of cynical Jiminy Cricket who looked like Noel Fielding.

  10. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Undifferentiated.

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