Let’s get this party started.

Yesterday evening I was googling recipes for canapés (and what else would I have been doing on a Saturday evening ?)  when I came across a recipe for “Bacon and camembert WANTONS”.

Now, they sound like just what you need to make a party go with a swing…

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3 Responses to Let’s get this party started.

  1. BiB says:

    They sound rather good, to be fair. Though what makes them especially naughty?

    I’ve always called Weetabix with milk ‘Weetabix Debauched’ as opposed to just Weetabix, which I only call them when I eat them dry.

  2. wyndham says:

    Dry Weetabix. Er, righto.

  3. Marsha Klein says:

    BiB: Probably just sounding good is enough to make them naughty. These days, pretty much everything you fancy is going to kill you deader than a doornail before you can say “Mmm, that looks nice…”.

    Wyndham: I bet he can’t eat three!

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