RIP Panorama

Anyone else remember Panorama?

It used to be an investigative journalism programme.  Now it seems to have turned into just another arm of the tabloid press.

Tonight’s programme dealt with child prostitution and the alleged failure of the “authorities” to deal adequately with it.  The reporter’s language was peppered with phrases such as “ruthless criminal gangs”.   As opposed to all those terribly well-mannered and restrained criminal gangs, I suppose.  At one point he suggested that the reason that child prostitutes are largely “invisible” is because, rather than being found on the streets, these children are more likely to be holed up “in a flat above a taxi firm somewhere”.

And I presume it was sloppy editing that allowed the question “When is the government going to make pimping children a statutory police target?” to make it into the programme.

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10 Responses to RIP Panorama

  1. BiB says:

    Hmm, I’m mixing it up in my head with World in Action. Were they both much of a muchness? Bad if it’s gone down the drain though.

  2. Mr D says:

    But if they’ve now been tabloidised, how do people in the UK fall asleep? I remember they used to always make me nod off!

  3. Tony Parkes says:

    Interesting point of view. Weren’t the central claims being made in the programme precisely the ones made by My Griffin of the BNP that resulted in him being prosecuted for ‘inciting racial hatred’?

  4. wyndham says:

    World In Action and Panorama both ruined my childhood television watching, although I love the pompous Panorama music. Sadly, these days Panorama makes Today with Trevor McDonald seem like Today in Parliament in comparison.

  5. Mangonel says:

    Today with Trevor MacDonald is awful! You mean Panorama is WORSE?

  6. emeline says:

    What is the main aim of a such TV Show, Panorama?
    Are there reports? guests? talks? debates?

  7. wyndham says:

    It had farther to fall, at any rate!

  8. Marsha Klein says:

    BiB: They were pretty similar, yes, in the days when you couldn’t switch the TV on without encountering a current affairs programme of some kind.

    Mr D: I think the various reality elimination shows are now prescribed sleep-inducing TV.

    Tony: I assume you mean the claim that most of this type of activity is carried out by asian men? I thought this was another sweeping generalisation, and one that only heightened the sensationalist tone of the programme.

    Wyndham: I feel stangely cheated. When I was younger, and Panorama was good, I hated it. Now that I’d enjoy some intelligent debate, it seems to have turned into a pompous version of Heat magazine.

    Mangonel: I’m not familiar with Today with Trevor MacDonald but Panorama is certainly dreadful.

    Emeline: In theory, it’s a current affairs programme and it’s meant to provide analysis of the “big” issues of the day. Usually it takes the form of a report presented by a single journalist, although the reporter will interview various other people during the programme. Oh. and welcome, by the way!

  9. Sylvia says:

    I just won’t watch anything like that anymore. Ordinary life is depressing enough as it is!
    Actually, I don’t seem to be watching anything at the moment – I keep missing everything.
    Sorry, I’m not the same since GW. They’ve spoilt me for anything else.

  10. wyndham says:

    Come Marsha – get on with it, gal.

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