There’s been some speculation of late on various blogs about what constitutes being “grown-up”. Although I realise that, for some people, being a parent automatically confers “grown-up” status on you,  I’ve always felt that, as I’ve never lived alone or been financially independent, I wasn’t really a grown-up yet.

Until this morning, when I realised that I’m not so much a grown-up as just old. 

It all started with a comment I made here.  While I could appreciate the charms of young Mr Rhys-Meyers and Herr Volz, I felt a bit like I do when I admire something my teenage daughter’s wearing – I can see why it’s attractive but it’s not for me.  Now I’ve already gone on record as an ardent admirer of a man 14 years my senior, but even I was a bit surprised at the amount of time I spent over Easter weekend watching Jack Shepherd* in re-runs of a TV series I didn’t even watch first time round.  The lovely Mr Shepherd, by the way, is 67 and only a few months younger than my mum.

What finally convinced me that I was truly ancient though, was a conversation I had with Brian this morning.  I was recounting Daisy’s response to my previous post (‘He’s a good actor, mum but he’s so OLD’) and laughing at the fact that Daisy’s finding Daniel Auteuil (ten years her father’s senior) attractive would be like me finding someone of 82 attractive!

‘Yes’ said Brian ‘someone like David Attenborough’

Oh. Yes.

* No, not this one**

** Or this one

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10 Responses to Old

  1. BiB says:

    WOOF! Who’s the single-asterisked one? Though he’d be even better if he had some eyes installed. I think my hormones are going into spring-mode.

    Old-shmold. Anyway, old(er)’s good, isn’t it? It’s snowing outside (rather than inside) (again) and I am wishing I was 55 as then I’d have a cardigan.

  2. marshaklein says:

    I thought you’d like him! Matthew Fox, he plays Jack Shepherd in “Lost”.

    Older IS good, actually and I do love cardigans.

  3. BiB says:

    I’ve daringly turned the heating up full-blast and put on one of the Russian’s shirts to annoy him but a cardigan with good, unwieldy, toggly buttons would be even better.

  4. marshaklein says:

    ‘Is that my shirt you’re wearing?’

    Ah, happy memories of one of my favourite posts of yours ever (‘Onion Skin, if memory serves)

  5. BiB says:

    Well remembered!

    Now, ignoring all practicalities, and, joking to the contrary aside, remembering that I discourage affairs really, are you sure you wouldn’t accept a little hug and peck on the cheek from Herr Holz? I know he’s 25, which is hopelessly young, but just look at that hooter! But, usually, apart from in cases of exceptional beauty, which Herr Volz is for me, I’d much prefer the maturer gent. As long as Herr Volz doesn’t drink TOO much Weissbier or take up narcotics as a hobby, just IMAGINE how painfully, agonisingly, tiringly beautiful he’ll be when he’s 35 or 45 or, goddammit, 55?

    (Oh god. Do my translations for me. Except they’re not even horrible ones and I’m too tight to not want to have all the money for myself.)

  6. Marsha Klein says:

    Gorgeous though he undoubtedly is, I think becoming a mother does slightly ruin younger men for you. I have to fight the urge to tuck their shirts into their pants and wash behind their ears and stuff like that – none of which counts as foreplay, I imagine. I’m afraid Herr Volz would take to his heels and run!
    Now, yer man Auteuil has possibly the most meltingly, heartbreakingly wonderful eyes (“a gaze that could melt walls” according to one critic), a big hooter AND I couldn’t care less about the whereabouts of his undergarments or his toilette!

    “Oh god. Do my translations for me.”
    Is this a request or a prayer?

  7. BiB says:


    I need to see a film with Auteuil in it, doing his thang – his imdb CV is very impressive – as photos alone don’t tell the story of his charms.

  8. Marsha Klein says:

    I’d recommend 36 Quai des Orfevres, La Fille sur le Pont, Hidden, Romuald et Juliette and, of course, Le Deuxieme Souffle.

    If you ever have a client who requires an English to gibberish/teenspeak translation, I’m your woman.

  9. I’m probably just that bad, since I still think Peter O’Toole has some hotness. Waning hotness to be sure — he was at his best between 40 and 50 — but hotness nonetheless.

    Then again my taste has been known to be questioned. But all those fresh-faced young boys hold nothing for me, I’m afraid.

  10. Marsha Klein says:

    Valerie: Your taste sounds spot on to me. Truth be told, those fresh faced young boys hold very little for anyone other than pre-pubescent girls.

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