When Gluttony and Sloth Just Aren’t Enough Any More.

The Vatican has added a list of 7 modern mortal sins to its original 7 deadly sins.  Apparently, people aren’t attending confession like they used to and this update is intended to get people flooding back to the confessional  in droves (??!!)

Two of the “new” sins are:

Inflicting poverty


Accumulating excessive wealth

Anyone care to add an 8th sin?  Hypocrisy, perhaps…?

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6 Responses to When Gluttony and Sloth Just Aren’t Enough Any More.

  1. Mangonel says:

    I loved this –

    ‘The archbishop brushed off cases of sexual violence against minors committed by priests as “exaggerations by the mass media aimed at discrediting the Church”.’

    Are audits of the Vatican’s fabulous wealth (define ‘excessive’!) similar “exaggerations”?

    And does the denial of AIDS and homosexuality not count as “Violation of fundamental rights of human nature”?

    Now look – you’ve got me ranting.

    Did the glazier eventually call?

  2. Marsha Klein says:

    Mangonel: It’s good, isn’t it? Completely without irony as well!

    Fortunately we didn’t need a glazier, but someone did eventually come (Wednesday morning) to assess the damage to our window frames.

  3. Tim Footman says:

    Does persistent wearing of silly frocks by elderly men make an appearance?

  4. BiB says:

    I can never keep up with where gayness is on the wickedness radar these days. Either yer actual gays are intrinsically evil or just the acts themselves are. Keeps me awake at night.

    I praise the Lord every day that I don’t believe in him.

  5. marshaklein says:

    Tim: It really should. As should keeping mummified bits of dead people in fancy boxes. Ewwwww!

    BiB: Also not a believer, thank God. I don’t why the Church doesn’t just go the way of the celeb magazines and, instead of dreaming up “new” sins, periodically publish one of those “what’s hot/what’s not” lists. People could then confess to all their fashion crimes. I bet the confessionals would be heaving in no time.

  6. Christmashn says:

    omg.. good work, bro

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