Confessions Of A Window Cleaner*

1) I have NEVER cleaned all the windows in my house in one go.

2) There is one, very small, window in our hall which, for economic reasons, wasn’t replaced when we double glazed the rest of the house.  I have NEVER washed that window (until now).  We have lived in the house for 15 years.

3) Not so much a confession this one, more of an observation.  Using the imminent arrival of a visitor as your motivation for cleaning windows is less than ideal, unless you entertain house guests on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  If you do, you are probably running a bed and breakfast.

4) Waiting until your windows are opaque is also less than ideal.

We have a Swedish exchange student staying with us for a week.  She is a lovely girl and, naturally, speaks great English.  For my part, I can honestly say that, should she wish to eat her dinner off a window pane, I can offer her a modest selection from which to choose.  Until this eventuality arises I shall enjoy the novelty of walking past windows that now come with a view.

In other news:  Ruth Kelly has announced a package of measures to ease traffic congestion.  There is no mention of introducing a national road-pricing scheme, presumably because it proved to be so unpopular with the public last year.  Whatever next?  “Income tax – unpopular with working adults”  headline shocker?

* A desperate and frankly unoriginal attempt to make my life sound more exciting than it actually is.

 UPDATE: Have just finished watching the first episode of “A Year in Tibet” on BBC 4.  Those monks hadn’t cleaned their temple (windows included) for 20 years!

I feel an imminent conversion to Buddhism coming on…

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5 Responses to Confessions Of A Window Cleaner*

  1. Tim Footman says:

    Of course, in the 18th century they had a window tax, which was probably equally unpopular. Lots of people bricked up their windows to save a bit of cash. Although if you don’t clean a window for 15 years, it probably has the same effect.

  2. pleite says:

    Guests coming this weekend. I will have a rub round with the hoover but they’re not getting the window treatment.

  3. Mangonel says:

    Newspaper. Don’t all the books say you have to use newspaper?

  4. Lisa Later says:

    my windows are in such a pitiful state that a fellow kindergarten mum who had dropped by for a coffee offered to clean the ground floor ones for me

    oh, the humiliation…

    (of course, i got over it)

  5. marshaklein says:

    Tim: Indeed, lots of the Geogian townhouses in Edinburgh have bricked-up windows. Seems like a lot of effort when they could just have let them mire up over time.

    BiB: Quite right. What do folk expect? Blood?

    Mangonel: I have used newspaper in the past (to good effect) but I’m also addicted to buying cleaning products and tools. Unfortunately, I’m less addicted to using them!

    Lisa: Ooh, that’s a bit rude! I’m sure you handled it with good humour though.

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