Mosquito Repellant

Am I missing something?

If recent press reports are to be believed the GSM Mosquito ultrasonic deterrent emits a noise that has been variously described as “shrill”, high-pitched” and “piercing”.  How, exactly, is such a noise meant to DETER teenagers? Have the manufacturers of this device ever spent any time with teenagers?  Because I would suggest that “shrill”, high-pitched” and “piercing” just about covers it, as far as noise goes.  Surely a more effective deterrent would take the form of a recording of a middle-aged parent repeating something along the lines of:

“Look at the state of your room! You’re not going out dressed like that? You’ll eat it and be grateful, if you know what’s good for you.  Are you on drugs?  Can I smell cigarette smoke?  Of course there was no internet nonsense in my young day.  We had to make do with a frisbee and we were none the worse for it, I can tell you.  Oh yes,  amused ourselves we did …only three TV channels…half-day closing…power cuts…Bri-Nylon…Instant Whip… bring back National Service……Are you LISTENING to me?!

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9 Responses to Mosquito Repellant

  1. Heh heh heh. Though if this makes that sound that only the young folks can hear, I can attest to the fact that, when I tried it out in my own office (I can’t hear it), kids (and, strangely, one 47-year-old) came running from all over the first floor yelling “TURN IT OFF!! IT HURTS!!”

  2. pleite says:

    The UK is becoming more and more eccentrically bonkers. Where is this thing being unleashed on unsuspecting young ears? Will it make public information announcements, telling people not to throw litter, feed the beggars, give money to busking pigeons in a squeak that only they can hear?

  3. ThePenguin says:

    I suspect I might be able to hear that high-pitched sound too, and I’m officially no longer young.

    Has anyone checked that the last Labour manifesto wasn’t really a copy of Orwell’s 1984?

  4. Sylvia says:

    Can I get one for my house? That should get rid of the buggers……

  5. IsarSteve says:

    whoa… instant whip!! and what a luxury it was…

    can you still get it?

  6. Mr D says:

    Back in Britain just over a week ago, there were a couple of occasions when I wondered what the high-pitched noise was. But no-one else seemed bothered, so I tried to ignore it. Having now read about this mosquito box thing, I’m wondering if I, aged 36, have the hearing of someone younger than 25. How cool is that?! 😉

  7. marshaklein says:

    LH/Sylvia: My “deterrent”works every time!

    Penguin/Mr D/Valerie: It seems that quite a number of those over twenty are sensitive to the noise. I would have thought though that it was impossible to state categorically that there were some frequencies that ALL people over a certain age were unable to hear, wouldn’t you?

    BiB: More about the mosquito here:
    I don’t want to make light of the misery caused by anti-social behaviour but I really don’t see how this device addresses any of its root causes. Can the police and local authorities really point to a reduction in crime stats overall? Surely this approach just moves the problem from one place to another?

    IsarSteve: I’m not sure about Instant Whip, but you can still get Angel Delight!

  8. Rob Hopcott says:

    Um, can’t we just lock them into a youth club somewhere and tell them they can come out when they’ve made the next generation?

    Ok, ok … Just joking 🙂

    My lot have all gone. The last one went off to be a student nurse last October and the eldest has just taken on her own flat somewhere near Scotland (Essex, I think). The one in the middle is heading for Australia after finals in June – not far enough, really…

    Question I would like answered is why do I get the littlest, North facing room at the back of my house to work in when there are all those large, south facing children’s bedrooms full of children’s belongings and lovely sunshine … But no children!

    Tell me Oh sage, why?

    (Hint – It might be something to do with she who must be obeyed who says ‘they haven’t really gone … This is still their home!’)

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