Parallel Worlds

I have been at home for the last two days because Amber wasn’t well and is still a bit too young to be left at home alone.  Daisy was on exam leave (hahahaha!  Sorry, sorry, it gets me every time, that one…), so we were three.  To encourage Daisy to do some studying I thought I’d do a bit myself.  I’ve recently enrolled on a home-study course which, despite sounding like a throughly worthwhile pursuit, hasn’t involved a lot more than sticking lots of different coloured index tabs all over the course notes and sharpening some pencils so far.  Anyway, we studied and after a while Daisy announced that she was going to do some music practice.  Question:  How do you know when a teenager should be revising?  When they VOLUNTARILY do (really quite a lot of) music practice.  After about an hour (yes, I know!) she shouted down the stairs:

Daisy:  Mum, I’ve just had a text from S_ (her music teacher).  He can’t make the lesson this week.

Me:  Aww, what a shame.  All that practice for nothing.

Daisy:  It’s not for nothing, Mum.  It’s all good.

Me:  Err…wasn’t that conversation the wrong way round…?

A little later she appeared in the kitchen and proceeded to make soup while I did my “homework” at the kitchen table!

What I want to know is, if I have inadvertently fallen through some rip in the space-time continuum and Daisy and I have swapped places, why couldn’t this have happened when she wasn’t a teenager anymore?  Who wants to go back to that?  My twenties, now that’s a different matter.  Although I am quite looking forward to my first teenage strop for years.  I mean, next thing you know she’ll be telling me that catching a train to Glasgow, by myself, at 11 o’clock at night is TOO DANGEROUS! Jesus, I’m not, like, a CHILD anymore!  Seriously, what is her problem?!

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6 Responses to Parallel Worlds

  1. Sylvia says:

    It’s OK being at home when they’re a bit older. It’s not like when they were small and I was trapped for weeks on end in the house with snotty children who couldn’t aim at a bucket properly.

  2. BiB says:

    Quick, go and nick some money from her purse and buy sweets and fags. Mmm, sweets and fags.

    Actually ‘make’ soup? With stock and everything? I love home-made soup. Until you find bits of chicken-bone.

  3. marshaklein says:

    Sylvia: But when they’re older you don’t need to constantly amuse/distract them and so can’t wriggle out of housework quite so readily.

    BiB: Sadly, Daisy is always skint. Amber, on the other hand, is usually loaded…I bet I’d be better at hiding the evidence of my illicit purchases than either of them though.

    Yes, with stock (ham, from Christmas baked ham) and everything. It was very Little House on the Prairie!

  4. pleite says:

    Christ. Did she even blend it? (I hated Charles Ingles.)

  5. well, chicklet #1 (not yet four) has taken to tidying her room, my room and the kitchen UNPROMPTED and yesterday – whilst making my bed – instructed me to take my wet bath towel back to the bathroom

    i’d like to say it was my excellent parenting techniques but really she is just reacting against dh and i who are SUPER messy…OR she is in fact the child of my obsessive compulsive younger sister

    either way, i’m not complainin’…

  6. This kind of goes with my student employees telling me a couple of years ago that the music I listened to just sounded like loud noise to them…

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