Happy New Year!

Tonight the Klein family will see in the New Year quietly, with my parents.  Yesterday we had the bejeesus scared out of us all when my Dad was admitted to hospital with what, at one stage, looked like an aortic aneurysm.  However, it turned out to be a series of small haematomas, brought about by the chest infection which has been afflicting him all through Christmas.  When you’re on Warfarin, any bleed is doubly dramatic (hurrah!)  Anyway, he was discharged this afternoon and seems essentially OK (relatively speaking!)

I didn’t intend this all to sound as gloomy as it probably does.  I’m looking forward to a quiet New Year and,  because the kids are coming too, Brian will be spared the task  of collecting Daisy from a rainy, taxi-free city centre.

Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone.  See you all in 2008!

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9 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. annie says:

    Phew! I am so pleased he is okay. Happy New Year to you, dear Marsha.

  2. HNY! Glad to hear your Dad is OK.

  3. Yipes. Let’s hope that’s the scariest thing that happens all year! Strangely, the exact same thing (well — haematoma that looked like heart trouble) happened to the aunt of one of my employees last week. Fortunately she’s okay now, too, after some 7 pints of blood. Maybe they had a run on haematomas at the Bad Luck Bin.

    I’m glad you were all together for New Year’s. Hoping for a great 2008.

  4. Mangonel says:

    Well here’s hoping it can only get better!

  5. pleite says:

    Gosh, bad luck, but hope 2008 is getting much better already!

  6. Sylvia says:

    Hello! Happy new year to you!
    Hope all is well with you now.

  7. wyndham says:

    I think we should all start a Christmas and New Year support group! Let’s hope ’08 – or as I like to call it, 2008 – has more pleasant stuff in store for you!

  8. Marsha Klein says:

    lol just searched for my name and here it is…very cool blog you’ve got here 🙂

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