Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen


It is Daisy’s birthday today. 

To celebrate, as we seem to be between birthday parties, we are going to watch the Christmas lights being switched on in Princes Street, doing a bit of light shopping, eating sausages at the German market and listening to the Norwegian carol service at St Giles.  We might even have a go on the Big Wheel!

I’m really looking forward to our evening together and I certainly feel more up for it than I did 16 years ago today.

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

  1. pleite says:

    Cor blimey. 16! Happy Birthday Daisy. Re. the party-induced nervous breakdowns, you must simply have a party of your own (as happened, if I’m not mistaken, in a certain TV show) while the youngsters have theirs upstairs (or downstairs). You wrap everything in tin foil and, if you’re a stickler for plot-lines, snog the pizza delivery boy.

  2. Sylvia says:

    what show was this? I don’t remember that from Green Wing!

    Happy Birthday Daisy! Listen, Marsha, you’re doing it all wrong!
    The Girl from Ipanema’s 16th birthday passed us by completely – she had a joint party with a friend at the friend’s house!! It was fab! I just paid our contribution towards the crisps. Then she went camping in Wales with friends. Yes, I did warn here not to come home dead, drowned, drunk, pregnant, diseased, etc etc. So what happened? She got terrible sunburn on her face. In Wales! And yes, it DID rain most of the time…..
    So there’s a lesson for you. Pay to pass the problem on to someone else.

  3. wyndham says:

    Is it possible to join in with a Norwegian carol service, I wonder? Are you able to join in?

  4. I still remember my own sweet sixteen party. My friends decided to “buy me a record collection,” and all clubbed together to get me something like 20 LPs, including a bunch of Beatles and Elton John albums (can’t recall the rest. I still have them, but over the years I acquired several hundred more bits of vinyl, and it’s hard to tell the birthday ones apart from the rest…)

    Up until this point the only LPs I had were the Debby Boone and Shaun Cassidy my mother had bought for me, thinking this was what I *should* like. I cannot describe my relief at the birthday gift.

    We danced in my parents’ family room, jumping up and down to “Crocodile Rock” and “Birthday,” and I took a short walk with my secret boyfriend and got a birthday kiss. It was basically perfect. Good thing, because by my 17th birthday all my friends were mad at me and it Sucked. But not to dwell — hope your Daisy has the best of years. Good on ya for letting her party.

  5. aw, belated birthday greetings to daisy!

  6. marshaklein says:

    BiB: I’ve covered everything in tinfoil, slipped into my kimono and popped my Prefab Sprout tape into the cassette player, so now I’m ready to party! Fag ash dip anyone?!

    Sylvia: Don’t worry, it’s a “Spaced” allusion. I keep suggesting joint birthday parties but I think the idea of having to do anything vaguely resembling work or organisation puts her off.

    Wyndham: Hello and welcome. The carol service was only “Norwegian” in the sense that the Norwegian Consul General for Edinburgh was present, as was the leader of Hordaland County Council, who, for the last 20 years have given Edinburgh a Christmas tree (don’t know where the trees came from before that!) Some of the musicians performing were Nowegian but all the “audience participation” bits were in English, takke Gud!

    Valerie: What a fantastic idea for a birthday present! I suppose the 21st century equivalent would be clubbing together to buy downloads – not quite the same somehow.

    LH: Thank you. We’e got one more “soiree” to go and then she can start making plans for Hogmanay!

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