This, that and the other

Hmmm, what to blog about…

Should I compose a righteously indignant piece about the latest crisis to befall the Brown government?  After all, as a recipient of Child Benefit, my personal details are possibly being put to nefarious use as I write (although, personally, as an ex-civil servant, I’m more inclined to believe the missing CDs are languishing on someone’s desk while the occupant of said desk contemplates another twenty years of administrative drudgery and thinks longingly of their pension).

Or should I blog about Daisy’s (first*) sixteenth birthday party?  Last Saturday, the Klein household played host to fifteen 16 and 17 year-olds, who arrived at 1.15am (from the Edinburgh Fiddle Festival ceilidh) and proceeded to eat, drink and play music until 6am, all the while under the impression that saying “Shh” every now and again prevented any noise they were making from carrying!

Or should I just share with you the following, genuine websites (courtesy of Friday night’s edition of QI, which Brian and I didn’t see until it was repeated last night):  – a database of celebrity representatives  – California’s online resource for clients searching for a family or marriage therapist – the best pens on the Internet (what else?!)

They also offered , but that doesn’t seem to exist (in any of its possible senses!) although, in checking out the above, I did come across:

which contains all of these and a few more.

Can you come up with any others? 

* Apparently another bash is planned for her non-fiddle playing friends.  Should I have the nervous breakdown now or wait until later?

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