dsc_1045.jpgHappy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Skip to the End

Happy Birthday to you.

My blog is a year old today.  Sort of. 

I’ve only been at WordPress since March, but it’s exactly a year since I took my first tentative steps on Blogger.  Admittedly, I only lasted about 2 months there before I deleted the whole blog and prima donna-ishly demanded that the two people who’d linked to me take down their links.  Then I was a commenting-only presence in the blogosphere until I made the move to WordPress.  But, anyway, I’ve decided to celebrate a year of blogging today.

Sometimes I’ve hated blogging but mostly it’s been a pleasure.  I’m still excited when I get a comment and blogmeets are great fun.

Now, who’s for some birthday cake and champagne?

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8 Responses to Birthday

  1. pleite says:

    I am. (Sorry. Have to be brief. Mother.)

    But congratulations! Many happy returns.

  2. marshaklein says:

    Aw, thanks BiB! You know, you were first to comment on my blogger blog AND my wordpress blog. Hope the visit is going well!

  3. Tim Footman says:

    So you’re like royalty, with multiple arbitrary birthdays?

    As long as you don’t shoot endangered species or demand down-below naughtiness from the staff, you’ll be OK.

  4. annie says:

    Happy Birthday, kitten. (A bit late.) I raise a bottle of Rioja to you in tribute.

  5. marshaklein says:

    Mr Footman, one is delighted to see you. Hev you come fah?

    Annie, Rioja! Me favourite! Go on then, just the one…

  6. Sylvia says:

    Happy Birthday! Keep on trucking, as they say…..

  7. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY! We, your readers, are delighted that you blog. 🙂

  8. marshaklein says:

    Sylvia: Thank you! I will if you will.

    Valerie: “your readers” I love that! Thank you.

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