A struggling young poet from Knock. Had terribly bad writer’s block. Erm…

You know you might just have run out of blog-juice when you start recycling other people’s blog posts. 

I’ve never been much of a one for games, really.  Brian, on the other hand, comes from a family where games, especially card games, are a way of life.  Consider the following scene:

Interior-day.  A woman is dealing a pack of cards.

Brian:  Stop, stop, what are you doing?!

Marsha:  I’m dealing the cards.

Brian:  Yeah.  ANTI-clockwise!!

Marsha:  Yeah, so?

Brian:  You NEVER deal cards anti-clockwise.  Ever.

Marsha:  Why?  Does it conjure up the devil, ha, ha!

Brian:  It’s a CARD-PLAYING CONVENTION, that’s why!

Now, just in case you think we were playing blackjack, or some other serious card game, I should point out that the above exchange took place during a game of Happy Families.  Played with our children on holiday.  In a caravan.

A few years later, Brian bought “Risk”, a strategy board-game and, for a while, occasional  “Risk evenings” would be held in our house.  Needless to say I took no part in the proceedings, choosing instead to decamp to a friend’s house to share a bottle of wine and a good movie.  Once, however, I lingered for a while and, while lingering, ventured to suggest that “Risk ” was “only a game”.  Big mistake.  I was informed, in no uncertain terms, by a member of the party (not Brian) that, far from being “only a game”, board-games were nothing short of a blueprint for how to lead your life.  This person told me (and he was deadly serious) that children should be MADE to play board-games as they could learn so much about life from them.

As I said, never much of a game-player, me.

There are, however, two honourable exceptions to this rule.  Quiz games and word games.  So I thought we could have a go at a word game, limericks to be specific.  Ideally, the limerick should contain your town or city of residence in its first line but, apart from that, anything goes really.  My offering is as follows:

A woman from Edinburgh town

Had a job that was getting her down

So for a quick fix

She tried politics

Now she’s looking to oust Gordon Brown!

As you can see, flights of fantasy are not only permitted but to be positively encouraged. Knock yourselves out!

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