Coming soon…

…some photos of Berlin.  I’ve tried twice today to put up a post*, complete with photos, and twice failed.  I’ll try again tomorrow or, possibly bribe a passing two year-old and get them to do it.

Overheard at the dinner table tonight:

Daughter No. 2  “No.1 daughter, did you know Mrs B_ was an identical twin?”

Daughter No. 1 (bored)  “Yeah.  So what?”

Daughter No. 2  “I wonder what her twin looks like…”

*Apologies to Tim Footman, who wandered across here and caught me in a state of disarray earlier.  Sorry for the confusion, Tim!

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5 Responses to Coming soon…

  1. pleite says:

    I saw the post too. It looked nice to me, but you obviously want to perfect it. If you can be bothered, do e-mail me some of the snaps.

  2. marshaklein says:

    I haven’t gone all perfectionist or anything, but the first post I did wouldn’t show all the photos (although I was getting error messages from WordPress at the time, so that may have been why). The second one, which I did at home on our stoneage computer, put all the photos in but they were all enormous and I was so embarrassed by my cack-handedness that I took it down as well!

    I’d be delighted to send you some pictures – I’ll spare you the whole 201, though!

  3. Tim Footman says:

    No apologies necessary. I love happening across ladies it states of disarray. I suspect that in a previous life I was a secondary character in a French farce. Oo, and in a very real sense, la-la.

  4. marshaklein says:

    Ooh! More tea, Vicar!

  5. I wandered in, got confused by the disarray, wandered out, wandered back, wondered whether I was in the right place, and realized I’d used up my allotment of ‘W’s for this blog comment. But I’m glad to see you here at last. And the identical twin thing made me spit tea.

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