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OK, I know it’s a clichéd shorthand for Berlin, but I’ve chosen the Brandenburg Gate because, before our recent trip, I think my opinion of Berlin was one big cliché.  A friend had told me it was “very interesting”, for goodness sake!  … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

…some photos of Berlin.  I’ve tried twice today to put up a post*, complete with photos, and twice failed.  I’ll try again tomorrow or, possibly bribe a passing two year-old and get them to do it. Overheard at the dinner … Continue reading

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Berlin trip, part 1 (or the one in which I set out to write about one thing but immediately digress and write about something else instead. Sort of.)

Edinburgh very much trades on its reputation as a city of high culture and elegant restraint, but that isn’t to suggest that it doesn’t have a vibrant “street” scene as well. Oh no, we too have our colourful urban rituals … Continue reading

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Very belatedly, here is a post about “What I saw at the Festival this year”.  Actually, although everyone talks about the Edinburgh Festival, there are so many festivals taking place in the city in August, it’s hard to know where … Continue reading

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