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Our holiday was lovely.  Just what we needed, a real break with no work or home chat and, 90% of the time, no arguments between the children.  We visited lots of places which were new to us (Truro, Falmouth, Mousehole, Land’s End, Cape Cornwall) and only one which wasn’t (Porthmeor beach in St Ives).  Both cottages were comfortable and well-equipped and the second was especially charming.  We’ve taken loads of photos, some of which may make their way on here eventually, eaten loads of good food and met some really friendly people.  I’d go back to St Just (where the second cottage is) tomorrow.

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15 Responses to Back now

  1. pleite says:

    Oh god, Christmas. I once heard some of the females of my family – they are numerous – having a lively talk about Christmas in July, how the new-to-being-Christmas-hostess one would cope with being the hostess etc. I have ignored the occasion for a good few years now.

    No hopefully about it. See you and the hubby in September, whether you like it or not.

  2. Urban Chick says:

    good-oh! i too am suffering from ILR* right now so maybe we can spit bile together (before the show, not on the lovely ms bakewell – natch!)

    * In Law Rage (medical terminology)

    which reminds me: must prepare response for potential question from same direction so as to make it sound plausible (“oh blast! we had booked a flight to the moon this year! bummer!”)

  3. Oh God. This’ll be the first Christmas in 9 years that I won’t be working in retail and normally by now it’s all planned and organised and stapled to the office walls. I’d forgotten all about it!!!
    Although normally I have an excuse not to do anything or go anywhere because I had to work until 4pm on Xmas Eve and be back at 9am on Boxing Day…..oh no, I might have to get an Xmas temp job.

    Your holiday sounds lovely. Sorry to hear about the impending doom, can you just go into denial and pretend it’s not happening. Send them a mobile phone and spare house key wrapped in a pretty box as a Christmas present with instructions not to open it until they arrive at yours – Prepare the most fantastic Christmas at yours, then, early on the 24th set off driving to their house, (make sure you have a spare key), and when you get there phone them on the mobile and ask with indignation “Where are you? We’ve just driven blah blah..” and pretend you got confused and thought you were going to them. By that stage you both might as well stay where you are and enjoy a house-swap Chrimbo tide.
    There are flaws in this plan but if they never speak to you again, no more potential impending Christmas doom.

  4. Liz says:

    Yargh. We had Dr Weasel’s lot last year; while I love them dearly, it was a bloody awful Christmas, at least from my point of view.

    Which is why we’re spending Christmas this year in Las Vegas.

  5. marshaklein says:

    BiB: I love Christmas, always have done, but the thought of spending it with them…Looking forward to September, though.
    UC: Be happy to join you in a spot of bile-spitting!
    Lulla: You can’t imagine how many times I’ve constructed fantasies in which they never speak to me again!
    Liz: Las Vegas sounds groovy. I fully expect “bloody awful” will sum up my Christmas!

  6. pleite says:

    I have just looked through my yawningly empty diary and see that when you and hubby are here – I trust Mr. Klein will be just like Brian from Spaced – the Russian will be in Russia (if the British Embassy ever gives him his passport back. This is version three dates-wise) so I will be able to have absolutely guilt-free fun. I might even stay out till 10!

  7. Marsha Klein says:

    Wayhey! Bring it on! Untrammelled (sp? – it’s late!) fun it is then!* As for Mr K. being like Brian from “Spaced” well, he’s a lot shorter and not quite as weird. It’s almost a pity we weren’t bringing the children with us, what with them being virtually word perfect in every episode of “Spaced” – you could have seen the whole of series 2 live!

    *No disrespect intended, I’m sure the Russian is lovely.

  8. pleite says:

    I haven’t created the false impression anywhere that the Russian is lovely, have I? I must go back and edit all my posts.

  9. Liz says:

    Ello – joyous news. Your LOLcattery won the caption compo at Gastronomy Domine. Can you drop me an email with a real name and address, and I’ll get the yumtastic spice grinders to you on Monday. Houpla!

  10. Sylvia says:

    glad to hear you had a good holiday.
    Am just back from the planet naboo myself and enjoying relaxing at home without having to be under house arrest because relatives may drop in, or complying with my mother’s daily spring clean regime.

    Did you ever get to see Andrew Marr? Psychologies magazine is running a sexiest brain competition, so here’s our chance to get Our Man on top!

  11. marshaklein says:

    Sylvia: Not yet, but I intend to crash the book-signing queue on the 21st to get a copy of his book signed for, ahem, my daughter…

  12. Urban Chick says:

    i am also considering gatecrashing the signing

    i will probably also nip up to charlotte sq to see if anyone is trying to flog a return ticket before the talk (one lives in hope)

    i am so very definitely becoming a level 2 friend next year…

    (see you later!)

  13. Mangonel says:

    What? Why is everyone talking about Christmas?

  14. marshaklein says:

    Mangonel: This post was originally longer and contained a great deal of bile directed at my in-laws who may (or, it now seems, may not) be coming to us for Christmas. Hence all the comments.

  15. I did wonder it too…
    Anyway, glad that you had a nice holiday! [and I’m so jealous now, I want to go to Cornwall as well.]

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