The ghost of an idea

On the bus coming home this afternoon I had just sat down when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned round and came face-to-face with a rather posh-looking old woman:

RPLOW:  Are you…? Is it Sheila?

Me:  No, Marsha

RPLOW: You’re not…oh, what was her name? She died recently, you know…

Me:  ??????

RPLOW:  I thought you were someone I had meant to contact but didn’t…Sorry about that.

Me (faintly):  That’s OK.

I wonder how much refresher driving lessons cost?

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6 Responses to The ghost of an idea

  1. Mangonel says:

    Oh good heavens. Are you sure she wasn’t speaking in all capitals?

  2. realdoc says:

    Oooo marsha you have returned, hurrah for that. I have also returned. So here we are, both returned.
    You should not travel on buses they are ferries across the styx in disguise.

  3. marshaklein says:

    realdoc: This one clearly was, as I obviously resembled someone recently deceased!

    Mango: Cities or letters?

  4. Mangonel says:

    Hahahahahah! Oh you are a one! (big smile!)

  5. BiB says:

    It’s quite nice that she thought she might have a second chance with her dead friend, though, isn’t it?

  6. marshaklein says:

    Oh rats! You’re right, of course and now I feel mean and heartless for writing this post at all and encouraging people to laugh at the poor soul!

    *is suitably chastised*

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