Let the train* take the strain

Visited the orthodontist yesterday, with daughter No. 2.  On leaving the house I realised that I didn’t have enough change for the bus.  Indeed, as it turned out, I had hardly any money at all in my purse (I know, I know forward planning and all that).  Add to this the fact that we were very tight for time and all the ingredients for a stress-filled trip were in place.  A quick visit to the nearest ATM complete, we arrived at the bus stop with, literally, two minutes to spare (bus due at 9.58, time on mobile phone – my watch strap broke months ago and I haven’t got round to replacing it – 9.56).  I left No. 2 at the bus-stop with her bus fare (I had just enough money for that) and intructions to get on the bus by herself if I wasn’t out of the nearby shop by the time it came.  About a minute and a half later, I was paying for my newspaper when I saw a bus at the bus stop and No. 2 gesticulating wildly and shouting “Mum, COME ON!”  I legged it out the shop and together we ran to the bus stop.  As we ran something fell from the window of the flat above the shop and hit No. 2 on the head.  “Are you OK?” enquired the electrician, who had just hurled the offending object (a coil of cable).  As No. 2 seemed fine, I replied with a brisk “Yes, but more by luck than judgement!” and went to board the waiting bus.  “Not that one Mum!” yelled No. 2.  I then realised that TWO buses had arrived at once (What are the chances, eh?)  So I aplogised to the driver and stepped aside.  Meanwhile, no doubt suffering from delayed shock, No. 2 began to cry and an old lady appeared at my shoulder to exhort me to go back and “make a fuss”.  At approximately the same time, a plumbers van pulled up between the buses and the driver wound down the window and, pointing at the electrcian, shouted to me “He’s up there!” Being the caring parent I am, I muttered something about a dental appointment, shouted my thanks to the plumbers, thanked the old lady and got on the (right) bus.  I had to apologise to that driver too, as he wasn’t best pleased at having been unable to pull into the bus-stop due to to the plumbers van.  However, once I explained the situation, he offered to call an ambulance!

Finally I was able to sit down and remind myself why I gave up driving.  It was just too damn stressful…

Valium anyone?

* OK, it was a bus but I don’t know any slogans about buses.

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3 Responses to Let the train* take the strain

  1. pleite says:

    Darling, I recommend never leaving the house. Let the dentist take the strain and come to you, or doesn’t that sort of service exist? But why did the builder hurl something out the window? I wouldn’t make a fuss, as I’d be too scared, but that does seem like a remarkably dim thing to have done.

  2. marshaklein says:

    It WAS a remarkably dim thing to have done and the fact that he seemed only mildly concerned made it all the more annoying. However, I am also too scared to make a fuss in circumstances like these and so was pleased to have an excuse not to linger. Anyway, I think it’s probably far more British to not make a fuss but instead to mutter darkly about the collapse of society etc, etc!

  3. “Don’t be wus, get the [northern accent] bus”?
    “Less fuss on a [accent as you choose] bus”?

    That’s enough crap, and untrue, bus slogans.

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