Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Yesterday I took No. 2 daughter to work with me.  Now, contrary to the title of this post, this was not because I’m employed in a field where women are unrepresented.  I realise that TYDtWD is usually all about a male parent taking his female child(ren) to the research laboratory/coachbuilders/airline where he works and showing her that “girls can do this too!”  No, in my case the psychology involved is of the reverse variety.  Hopefully the girls will be so terrified by the sight of their mother chained to a desk, carrying out tasks so repetitive they would make your brain shrivel, that they will resolve to grab with both hands every opportunity that life offers them.

Of course the real reason I took Daughter No. 2 to work was to stop her being killed by/killing Daughter No. 1, who was at home engaged in the very serious (and barely perceptible) business of Exam Revision.  Actually, No. 2 (unfortunate connotations there.  Must try to think of something better) was a model of good behaviour,  occupying herself quietly and patiently and proving again the old saying “One’s company, two’s a bloody nightmare”.  I, on the other hand was more agitated than normal, subject as I was to the scrutiny of an 11 year-old – there are only so many ways you can, truthfully, answer the question “What are you doing now, Mum?”!  Minimising blogs while pretending to do something Really Important takes it out of you, believe me!

So, as far as exploding myths regarding the employment of females goes, yesterday was not an outstanding success!  Perhaps though, I was beaten before I began.  Once, years ago, I was collecting my older daughter from Rainbows (a sort of Pre-Brownies for those of you who don’t know!), so she would have been about 5, and as we walked home, I pointed out to her that there was a full moon.  “Maybe,” I said “when you’re my age, you’ll be able to go to the moon”  Back came the answer “No, girls can’t be astronauts”.  Naturally, I protested and told her that girls certainly could be astronauts and that, maybe one day she would be one.  “But I’d still need you to come to the space rocket with me”  When I asked why, I was told “So you  could help me put on my astronaut clothes”!

Whither feminism?

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7 Responses to Take Your Daughter to Work Day

  1. Mangonel says:

    Yes but, then maybe you wouldn’t have to pay for your own ticket. On account of you’d be, like, Staff.

  2. pleite says:

    Surely all astronauts take a dresser with them? They can’t be expected to float around all day and not have domestics. I think your daughter was spot on.

    What exams has daughter no. 1 got?

  3. marshaklein says:

    Mangonel, although I’ve been all cynical about her comment in my post, it actually is one of my all-time favourites – so sweet and innocent! In those days, I was still the centre of her universe (ha, ha!)

    BiB, Daughter No.1 has Standard Grade/Intermediate 2 exams, which are the Scottish (sort of) equivalent of GSCE’s (as you correctly guessed elsewhere). By spooky coincidence, she’s interested in studying Politics at university so your prediction of her becoming Prime Minister might come true!! At the moment though, she’s more intent on saving the world, God love her.

  4. BiB says:

    Marsha, doesn’t everyone get 100 A* these days? Or have they only dumbed down in England? I hope there’s a Standard Grade in Scots. Languages are important! (Mind you, is daughter no. 1 doing a foreign language? I’m always distressed when I hear of children only doing French/Spanish/German for a year and then being allowed to drop it to take Business Studies/Youtube Studies.)

  5. marshaklein says:

    No, we’ve dumbed down a bit here too (in my opinion anyway). Mind you, I’m sure each successive generation thinks the one following it has an easier time of things.

    I’m not aware of a Standard Grade in Scots. However, there are TWO in Gaelic (one for native speakers and one for learners). Languages are indeed important and I’m pleased to report that not only is Daughter No.1 taking both French and Spanish at Standard Grade, she plans to take them both for Higher (the next stage, next year, Gawd ‘elp us!) She’s also taking Business Management this year but will drop it next year. I know exactly what you mean about kids being allowed to drop languages in favour of other subjects (says she who’s French – my only other language – is so rusty as to be almost non-existent!)

    No.1 has also expressed an interest in learning Gaelic and Finnish, but only so she can sing the folksong repetoires of both those cultures!

  6. She wants to learn Finnish? Great!

    I’m actually really glad we had to learn so many languages (minimum was 3) for so boringly long at school and apparently the situation still is so.

  7. Urban Chick says:

    heavens alive! i almost blogged about TYDTW today! but i started a post and it became sth else – will return to it though…

    love the comment about you having help her with her astronaut get-up!


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