WordPress ate my blog post!

This afternoon I wrote a second blog post all about some extortionately expensive “storage solutions” I recently saw in Habitat.  It was quite long and (moderately) funny.  It had pictures and links and everything.  Actually it was one of the links which let me down.  I t didn’t seem to be working and, in attempting to fix it, I managed to make the whole post disappear!  Boo!  Anyway, here is a distillation of my original post:

Habitat-1964-Terence Conran-affordable design-chicken brick-early childhood memory-Habitat bunk beds-shaky-mother muttering”cheap, shoddy rubbish-years later-incorrectly assembled by slightly tiddly father-miracle no-one killed-anyhoo-digression-Habitat-2007-photoframes-VIP (Very Important Product)-matryoshka-see boxes-like boxes-pretty boxes-designer-Marcel Wanders*-metaphor for maternity-want boxes-see price tag-bloody hell, how much-£190.00-empty boxes-gah!splutter!-is it me?


* My original post was hilariously titled “Wanders will never cease”. 

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4 Responses to WordPress ate my blog post!

  1. mountpenguin says:

    WordPress ate a comment I tried to make here earlier on. As punishment for breaking my rule of always writing stuff I intend to post to the web in a propert text editor, then pasting it into the browser.

    Now, will WordPress at least regurgitate my sexy new avatar?

  2. pleite says:

    Marsha, I happened to check in just as your link-spoiled post went up. I had exactly the same prob when I started at wordpress. When you link, not only do you have to press on ‘link’ to put one in, you then have to close it to finish the job off. Teething problems. You’ll be an expert in no time, believe me.

  3. Urban Chick says:

    you’re back! huzzah!

    briefly, in response:


  4. Mangonel says:

    Does nobody tell me anything?

    Clearly not.

    So, Yay!

    And why not do the shoebox-newspaper-PVA thang? Any excuse for sloshing about a bit of PVA.

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