mk 2.0

Right.  Now where was I?

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9 Responses to mk 2.0

  1. marshaklein says:

    Yes, it’s me BiB. I thought I’d give wordpress a go – although I’m finding it rather hard to use at the moment (I’m really not very internet savvy). Anyway, I intend to persevere this time!

  2. pleite says:

    You’ll be in the swing of things in no time. I’m already forgetting what blogger was like, but I’ve got a feeling things are easier over here.

  3. MountPenguin says:

    Knock knock, may I come in? You might not know me, but I’m currently in your area and was wondering whether you’d be interested in a set of… Sorry, wrong role. You might not know me, but I post obscure comments from time to time on BiB’s blog, and an accidental click brought me here, so I thought I’d say hello and how wise you are to get on the whole “2.0” bandwagon, because that’s where it’s “at” right now.

  4. marshaklein says:

    Hello Penguin, and welcome. I do indeed recognise you from BiB’s place. Please feel free to drop by again – either by accident or on purpose.

  5. Hello Marsha, I like this “less is more” feeling of your new blog.

  6. marshaklein says:

    Hi Taiga. The “minimalist” look is quite nice, I think, although my comments are now much longer than my first post.

  7. MountPenguin says:

    This could be the new thing: comment-based social blogging, which is so 2.0 it’s almost 3.0.

  8. pleite says:

    Marshyplops, are you there? I’ve had a search around, and I reckon if you go to your dashboard, then click on users, then your profile, it should just be a question of clicking on whatever image it is you want to upload as an avatar stored (as a jpeg?) on your comp and Bob’s your uncle, I reckon. Or is wordpress being naughty?

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